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Bangsa Indonesia Akan Menjadi Negara Maritim Yang Kuat

Saturday 22 August 2015

Jakarta, Media Investigation
Maritime and Resources Minister Rizal Ramli was determined to make this year's Maritime Day as the momentum of the successful revival of Indonesia as a maritime nation strong and respected. To that end, he invited all the people of Indonesia to invite to work hard and sungguh2 that success can be realized in the not too long.
It used to be "Indonesia is known as a strong maritime nation.
Majapahit and Sriwijaya in South Sumatra feared and respected opponent as a friend have a strong navy. I am sure, with the permission of Allah and we all work hard, Indonesia could re-establish their success, "says Rizal Ramli in a press release Friday (21/8).
According to him, consciousness as a nation-been victorious on the field maritime every citizen is important. This will be an important asset, especially associated with the ideals of Poros Maritime Giving President.
He will mobilize all potentials exist in the ministries they lead coordinator for realizing these goals.
Some of the programs that the center became a major concern in the maritime sector of which is to improve the efficiency of existing ports. It is dimaksdkan to port capable of providing the maximum support to the process of imports and exports.
"In the field of tourism, we also already working closely with relevant ministries and institutions, in order to fix the locations of tourist destinations that rely on natural beauty, especially the beaches and the underwater world, "Rizal Ramli said.
Speaking of coordination, Maritime Affairs and Resources has indicated a number of strategic actions, even since the first days in charge.
Among other things, he immediately took the Minister of Transportation, Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries and the Ministry of Tourism. This is the third ministry was under his coordination.
The cooperation also raised by Chief of Staff of the Navy, Governor of DKI Jakarta, and several other state institutions. (Aminuddin-dc) www